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Shandong Jinxin Stone is a well-known Shandong rust stone and Wenshang rust stone production enterprise in southwestern Shandong. It is mainly engaged in the mining, development, production, processing, transportation and sales of Shandong rust stone and Wenshang rust stone. Wenshang rust stone is also called Shandong rust stone. It is well-known in Wenshang rust stone circle and even Shandong rust stone circle. The main varieties of Shandong rust stone are: Yellow Rust Stone, white rust stone, red embroidered stone, natural surface, mushroom stone , Roadside stone, special-shaped stone Rust Stone Fire Board, natural mushroom stone, rust stone light board, rust stone litchi noodles, etc., have their own sales points in the country, and can be polished, matted, fired, etc. according to customer requirements Machine plane, litchi, mushroom and other surface processing. The color of the ore is pure and the color difference is small. It is a pure natural surface, suitable for building interior decoration panels and floors, and better than marble. The excellent products and exquisite processing are well received by customers from all over the world. They are the best products for indoor and outdoor decoration and landscaping. The company has high-quality mines and sophisticated stone processing plants. It produces various specifications of rust stone, light board, fire board, litchi board, etc. The products are generous in color and clear in texture, which can fully meet the modern pursuit of "returning to the original". Its radioactivity indicators are within the national Class A standard, which is an ideal product for modern high-end architectural decoration. Every year, our company has a large number of high-quality plates and other products exported to Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions, and sold to all parts of the country, well received by users! The company pursues the tenet of "excellent quality, reputation first". In recent years, it has cooperated with domestic urban construction companies to build many large-scale buildings and stone projects all over the country. The company will rely on sophisticated equipment, good products, good reputation, and high-quality services. Jinxin Stone makes another brilliant future!
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    24 H Online Service No Time Difference.
  • 2020
    We Were Established In 2020.
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    Our Factory Have More Than 5 Employees.
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    More Than 1000 Square Meters Technical R&D Building.
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